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Hello. I’m so glad you’ve made it to my gateway. My name is Julia Golding, but maybe you’ve read my books written under the names Joss Stirling and Eve Edwards?

If you’re just here to find out more about my books, go straight through the doors below. Otherwise have a look round and find out more!

One author, three Names

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Some highlights from my bookshelf...

Don't Trust Me

Jessica has a problem with the truth. When she stumbles on a dead body, the lies, deceptions and betrayals that have dogged her whole life come back to haunt her. Can anybody trust her?

Cat Royal

Meet London's most outrageous heroine yet and follow her on her adventures in the 1790s.

The Summer of Wishful Thinking

Gemma Whitehall helps people tie the knot as the local registrar, but she can’t ignore the fact that life – and love – are slipping through her fingers.

When did humans start asking questions?

Who were the first scientists?

Try something new?

How about this first story about three sisters who live under a Fey curse? In repeated lives, Linny has been doomed to die before her sixteenth birthday so many times she’s lost count. Now at boarding school in Maine, she wonders if this time will be any different. As the snow falls, a new student, Quinn, arrives. Things look as though they might get a whole lot worse…

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