Sahira’s family are travelling to England to deliver two majestic Indian tigers to the menagerie in the tower of London. But tragedy strikes and sickness steals Sahira’s parents from her on the journey. Left alone in London, Sarhira finds herself confined to a miserable and dangerous orphanage. Despite her heartache and the threats she faces, Sahira is determined to carry out her father’s last request – to protect God’s beautiful creatures: her tigers. To do so, Sahira must set out on an adventure and use all her powers of persuasion to engage the help of some new friends along the way. Can the quest to find her tigers a safe home, lead Sahira to find her own place of hope and belonging in this strange and foreign land?

What are readers saying?

A heady, atmospheric and intoxicatingly involving story with a brave and plucky young girl at its heart.
Book blogger
A Little Princess - with tigers!
Ally Sherrick
A delightfully engaging global escape, with the classic feel of Kipling's The Jungle Book!
Lauren H. Brandenburg
You can practically hear the growls of tigers Sita and Rama as they arrive at the chilly docks on the Thames, leaving their wild lives in India behind and destined for life behind bars in the menagerie at the Tower of London. A glorious, gripping and atmospheric romp through Georgian London.
Karen McCombie
The Tower Menagerie is a great setting, especially at a period when scientists were re-thinking our relationship to animals. Sahira is an admirable, resourceful heroine and I like the way her story it encourages us to reflect on our relationships with animals and with each other today.
Gillian Cross