When others are happy to rock around the Christmas tree, bookshop assistant, Rose, is determined to stick to her world of classical music. But can a certain handsome guitarist tempt her to the other side? A cosy feel good romance from the author of The Summer of Wishful Thinking.

Coming out of a bad romance, Rose hides herself and her dreams away among the shelves of Sweet Notes Bookshop, selling books and teaching music. Then her world collapses when her ceiling caves in on her beloved piano. One of her pupil’s father, Gib, a famous session guitarist, comes to the rescue – but, shock, horror, the lifeline is an electric keyboard.

As sparks fly, Gib and Rose fall out over the merits of modern music, which sets up a bet. She will take him to a classical concert and he will take her to a gig. Whoever persuades the other to like their music, is the winner. Soon it becomes clear that the real prize is what they might be to each other. Opposites attract? Absolutely—but can they play well together this Christmas?

Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan, Jill Mansell, and Trisha Ashley, this seasonal romance is guaranteed to get you in the spirit. Treat yourself to a little seasonal present you won’t want to put down.

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