He’s a scholar – she’s a rebel. Do they stand a chance?

The summer has come to the city and with it comes Merle, escaping from her old life and bad memories. She looks for refuge in the last theatrical bookshop in London. There, Merle is swept up by the kindly owners and their rescue dog, Brutus. She plunges into the colourful world of the West End stage. Among the shops regular customers is scholarly George—but is it just books he is after or has he got her in his sights? He seems very interested in her and that is promising…

Yet Merle knows she is taking a big risk working with writers, actors and playwrights because she has a big secret. If it comes out, it will be a scandal that could sink both her and the bookshop. What did happened in the bluebell woods all those years ago, an event that became the inspiration for one of the world’s most famous plays? And if Merle tells the truth, will her budding love affair with George be cut off before it has a chance to bloom?

Merle longs for a happy ending but life so far has been more of a tragedy. Is it time now to turn it into a romantic comedy? To do so, however, she must first overcome the shadows of her past.

Enter the starry world of the last theatrical bookshop for this story of a second chance for love. It’s the perfect read for fans of Jill Mansell, Sarah Morgan and Sue Moorcroft.