Flare – last in Peril series – out now

As a conclusion to my futuristic series, Peril, I’ve just published Flare today. This series was an experiment in going direct to my readers and has proved really exciting and an interesting way of publishing. I use a mixed approach to try to make a living as an author. I have a mix of traditional arrangements, new ones, and this direct selling model. The best bit about this model is that I get to run the book by a group of super-readers who are already fans of my work. They steer me off the rocks when I take a wrong direction and are amazing copy-editors so thank you again to my team. Flare has been many of my early readers’ favourite in the series as goes to a climate-stressed New York. You also get to hear a lot more from Ade, one of my favourite characters from the first in the series.

You can get it either as a physical book or a kindle download via Amazon.

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