I’m having a good week. Are you?

Happy Friday, everyone. I’ve really enjoyed this week. Sometimes things just seem to work, don’t they? Two high points. One was exploring the area around Drury Lane with the composer of The Diamond of Drury Lane musical, James Reid. We are inching closer to this actually happening. It has been a long time in the making and now the pieces are falling into place. I love seeing something that started off in my brain becoming something quite different but yet still mine (at a musical remove). I look forward to being able to share it with you all one day.

Here we are outside the theatre. 42nd Street is on there at the moment. Hey, guys, don’t you want a new musical? I know a very good one in development!

We then took our life into our hands and walked through Billy’s neck of the woods: Seven Dials and St Giles.

It’s actually pretty spiffy these days. Cat would not recognise it. Funny to think she would’ve seen the same church though…

If that wasn’t enough fun for one week, Jamie also sent me two tracks recorded by Samantha Barks (Eponine in Les Miserables). She’s brilliant. Again, can’t wait until I can share all this wonderful stuff with you.

And finally, drum roll, I’ve been offered another contract for an adult book I’ve written. Not sure yet which name it will come out under but apparently it is ‘smart-lit’, a nice name for the new trend in women’s fiction.

As Joe in Great Expectations says, such larks!

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