Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade

Welcome to the magical world of the Three Sisters Trilogy!

Book 1, Deadly Nightshade, follows the eldest of the three cursed sisters. Here’s a little of her story…

Bad luck was what brought me here. To be more precise, a curse. I expect you’ve heard about them in fairy tales. But did you pay attention? The old word for fairy was fey. My history is a fey tale.


Linny is stuck in a boarding school in Maine, knowing she is cursed to die before her sixteenth birthday. But this is nothing new. She’s done this many times, over many centuries, so she dare not hope it will be different.But then Quinn Ramsay, descendant of the Sidhe king who cursed her, arrives to fight a very different battle. The stakes are high and Linny is in his way. Is the balance of light and dark magic about to shift into disaster? In the struggle, one thing becomes clear: someone is going to have to sacrifice everything for love.

Wren’s story – Stinging Nettle 

Before my tear-filled gaze, fiery letters and shapes climbed my arms. The spell was invading me. I knew instinctively that, like a snake bite, if the magic reached my heart or my brain, I’d die…

After a disastrous attempt to steal a fey amulet, Wren is on the run and her seven brothers turned into wild swans. She has to break the spell, but who can she turn to? Meanwhile, Devlin Brannan, her family’s enemy, is tasked with stopping her at all costs.

Finch’s story – Witch Hazel 

After years of bringing bad luck to others, it looked like I’d finally dumped the whole ice bucket of it on my own head.

Bitter is cursed with bad luck. Found on the roadside as a child, with no memory of where she came from, she lives with a traveling company of hedge witches who have made it their mission to steal from the Fey. Her past as Finch, the last of the three cursed sisters, has been forgotten.

Tempted to do one last heist, the hedge witches’ luck is about to run out as they take on one of the most powerful Fey families, the Silverbecks, in their ancient stronghold in northern England. Bitter’s own fortune takes a turn when she meets the youngest son of the family, Wulf, who is determined to trap the elusive girl in the red hoodie. What none of them know is that she carries the secret to the survival of the Fey world.

The race is on: will the Dark or Light Fey find her first?