Finding Sky

Dear Reader

Welcome to the world of the Savants people with extraordinary mental powers. Their destiny is to seek their other half, their soulfinder. 

The first three books in my Savant series, The Finding Sky Trilogy, focus on the three youngest of the seven Benedict brothers – Zed, Yves, and Xav. The first is set in America and is called Finding Sky. It is where I started with the Savants. The second, Stealing Phoenix, is set in London – a homecoming for me as I grew up in that part of England. The third, Seeking Crystal, I chose to set in the most romantic city in the world: Venice.

The next three follow the friendship of three girls, Misty, Angel and Summer. You also see the older Benedict brothers meet (I hope!) their match. Misty Falls is set in South Africa, Cambridge and America. Angel Dares takes place at an amazing music festival. And Summer Shadows takes us the furthest yet…

"You have half our gifts, I have the other..."
Zed Benedict

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