Wolf Cry and Ship

Wolf Cry

Wolf Cry (The Silver Sea, US Title) Set in Viking times, Wolf Cry is the epic story of Freydis, left for dead following a raid on her father's stronghold, and her friendship with Enno, the extraordinary African slave over whom she is expected to rule.

The Ship between the Worlds

When David Jones finds himself aboard a pirate ship, he knows it must be a dream. Except that he’s awake. And the ‘dream’ is more like a nightmare. Before he can take it all in, David is swept up in the adventure of a lifetime: volunteered to act as a spy on an enemy ship, marooned, and picked up by the most fearsome band of buccaneers ever known. Can he escape? The answer lies in the golden thread glistening under the sea – and everybody is desperate to have it. Could it lead David home, or to his missing father – or both?