Young Knights

Young Knights of the Round Table

HUMANS ARE THE ENEMY! That's what Rick's been taught to believe by the Fey Folk who stole him. Taken to the magical realm of Avalon, he's been trained, alongside other kids like him, into an elite force of warriors. When rumours start that a new generation of knights are re-forming the Round Table to attack Avalon, the Fey entrust Rick with a mission: go to Earth, find the knights, and stop them. Simple, right? Well, not exactly . . . No training could prepare him for the shock of being a modern teenager. And when he discovers that the Fey have been lying to him, Rick has to ask: if humans aren't the enemy-who is?


CAN THE YOUNG KNIGHTS SAVE THE HUMAN WORLD? King Oberon, the ruler of Avalon, is on the warpath and will stop at nothing in his quest to enslave the entire human race. Rick and Roxy must escape back to Earth to rescue the only man alive who can help them fight Oberon - the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. Trouble is, Arthur isn't quite himself these days . . . for a start, he lives with a pet puffin called Peter and has no idea what century he's in! Oh, and there's the small matter of some vengeful (and rather hungry) dragons to worry about . . .


THE BATTLE FOR EARTH STARTS HERE ... The Young Knights have travelled to San Francisco to track down Merlin - the only wizard powerful enough to help them create a new magical Round Table. But Merlin is determined to remain incognito, and has reinvented himself as the head of Pip Enterprises: the greatest innovator of the digital age. Meanwhile, the merciless ruler of the Fey realm, King Oberon, is rallying his magical armies for a final assault on Earth. It's only a matter of time before the human world is completely destroyed by hobgoblins, ogres, and dragons. Unless the Young Knights can use all their courage, skill, and cunning to stop Oberon before it's too late ...

Welcome to my Arthurian fantasy series!

Young Knights is inspired by many things connected to my life in England.

  • First there are the fantastic stories of King Arthur. I decided I wanted to imagine what it would be like to bring his knights back to our modern world. I anticipated a culture clash – and that was what I got! See what knights of the Round Table make of a world of cars and computers – not to mention commuter trains.
  • Secondly, I wanted to write about changelings – the children stolen by the Fey (faerie) over the centuries. With time moving much more slowly in Avalon, they would be like time travellers from the past when the came back.
  • Thirdly, in the first book of the series I wanted to set it on my local streets and schools in Oxford, partly to amuse my own family!