New book Joss Stirling book for YA readers: Deadly Nightshade

It’s that time again when I start a new trilogy with the help of my wonderful set of super-readers. This time I’ve gone into the paranormal world of fairy tale and am following the fortunes of three sisters who are struggling under an ancient curse. The first story is about Linny, stuck at boarding school and knowing she is doomed to die before her sixteenth birthday. I hope you’ll enjoy the fairy tale echoes in a very modern setting.

I’ve just made a book trailer and put the kindle version up for pre-order so you can find out more at the video below.

4 thoughts on “New book Joss Stirling book for YA readers: Deadly Nightshade”

  1. Yay!! I’m so excited for this <33 If you publishers need any blogger to help you review ARCs, I'll gladly accept the opportunity:))

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