During the pandemic, I'm happy to visit virtually. The sessions will be fun and interactive so as near to an in-person visit as I can get! Just contact me for more details.

Some information for teachers and festival organisers.

With me, your young people can

  • investigate a diverse slice of British history with tigers, India and the menagerie in the Tower of London
  • imagine life with mythical creatures
  • go time travelling
  • investigate the history of science and find out that science has the best stories
  • write a joint story together on my special story board
  • join King Arthur’s Round Table
  • find out about life two hundred years ago with Cat Royal
  • become a pirate

So if you are a teacher, librarian or festival organizer and would like me to visit you, please use the contact form to drop me a line or visit the Author Aloud website. They are happy to help set up visits and make sure they run smoothly.

I can also prepare your Y10 & 11 pupils for creative writing tasks in the new GCSEs or offer training to teachers. Contact me for more information.

The Society of Authors has some good advice for schools here about what to do when inviting an author to your school.

Cat Royal Extras

Follow the links to my teaching resource on The Diamond of Drury Lane and Cat’s slang.

I really feel [The Tigers in the Tower] would be a great class read to share with Year 5/6 as there are so many discussion opportunities and a whole unit of work could be built around this book. For independent readers this book would also provide a rich reading experience as it is beautifully written, is packed with adventure and is character driven.

'Informative, fun, interactive, educational and thoroughly entertaining! The children (and adults) were all obviously having a great time and were totally engaged.'
Katy Treadgold
Oxford County Children's Librarian, August 2018

'Julia Golding's workshop on creating a villain was the best author workshop I've experienced as a teacher. Her insights into the writing process were valuable and the workshop was fun and challenging for even our most assured pupils. We were treated to a fascinating glimpse into the way talented writers go about creating an imaginary world and populating it with living, breathing characters.'
teacher's testimony
Our Lady's Abingdon (September 2017)

Schools – what to do when you have an author visiting…

Dear organiser

Just a little checklist for you when you’ve taken the plunge and decided to invite me to your school or festival. I don’t need much looking after but experience has taught that the best visits cover these points in advance.

The big things

  • I love being with your children but please realize you are responsible for discipline and for legal reasons I must not be left on my own with them.
  • Before you invite me in, please check you have appropriate staff covering my activities.
  • Make sure reception knows to expect me.
  • Please contact me for specifics about payment so that these can be agreed by both sides in advance.

Getting to you

  • I usually travel by train. Where is your nearest station and can I get to you? I’m happy to walk a short distance but consider if you need to fetch me or book a taxi.
  • If you book the train tickets that avoids me having to charge you VAT as part of the invoice.
  • I travel from Oxford. A later start may avoid the need to add overnight accommodation in to the mix.

Getting the most from the visit

  • Vast preparation is not required but if the children/young people have had a chance to read (or hear) a section of one of my books in advance that helps everyone.
  • Tell me if you have a particular topic/set of books you want covered, otherwise I will come with my own ideas.
  • Technical requirements – I sometimes use powerpoint and video. Let me know if you can’t provide a room for this and I will adapt what I do accordingly.
  • Please send me a schedule in advance bearing in mind I will need the occasional break to catch my breath. Advance warning of age and class size is really important.
  • Let me know if there are any special needs I should be aware of in the class before I start talking.
  • Bookselling – I value the opportunity to sign copies of my books in person and some children love the chance to buy on the day. Please try and make this part of the day. You can often get a local bookseller to make the ordering arrangements for you.
  • Let me know if you need any help setting this up and I can ask my publisher to suggest a local retailer.