The Queen’s Wardrobe

The Queen's Wardrobe

An entertaining and gorgeously illustrated book about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, and the stories behind her clothes and jewellery. Now in paperback to celebrate her life and long reign.

Did you know that the Queen’s crown weighs as much as two bags of potatoes? Or that she has her own tartan nobody else is allowed to wear?

Full of astounding facts and major historical moments, The Queen’s Wardrobe tells the story of a young girl who never expected to rule, growing up to become one of the world’s longest-serving monarchs.

‘Impressively researched, and with zappy illustrations by Kate Hindley, The Queen’s Wardrobe by Julia Golding tells the story of the Queen’s life by taking us on a rummage through her wardrobe, starting with the royal christening gown. By the end, the Queen starts to make Barbie look positively frumpy.’
Daily Telegraph

From Princess to Queen

The story follows the life of the Queen in the clothes from her wardrobe, staring with a historic christening gown to her famous bold colours as as a senior royal.

Follow along to find out about hats, shoes, bags and the Crown Jewels! What was in her dressing up box and what was the first uniform she ever wore? You can find out in this book and enjoy the wonderful illustrations by Kate Hindley.

We are what we wear?

Part of the fun writing this book was to think about what messages our clothes send. Most of us don’t have to worry about that too much but the Queen was scrutinised every day for the meanings behind her clothing choices. Sometimes she used this on purpose – such as the crown worn on the Coronation which shows how unique she was. At other times, she could send a friendly message to other nations by wearing their symbols. On occasion, mischievous commentators drew their own conclusions!

I’m delighted that I was joined on this journey by the illustrator, Kate Hindley. Look out for her wonderful corgis!

We were delighted that Michele Clapton, costume designer for the TV series The Crown, wrote a really interesting foreword.

‘This carefully researched book spans nearly 100 years, with exquisite illustrations that bring to life and colour the story of one little girl growing up to become Queen, giving us a glimpse of the real woman behind the crown.’