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Meet Harriet, Darwin’s pet tortoise, and Milton, Schrodinger’s indecisive cat, on a time-travelling quest of discovery. First stop, the cave paintings drawn by our human ancestors. Did these pictures mean anything and what can they tell us about our ancestors? 

The Curious Science Quest looks at the evidence to answer the BIG questions that scientists have asked throughout history. But does science explain everything or can faith help to find the answers? Join a fun, fact-filled time-quest and remember to bring some snacks!

Science has the best stories…

Time to go time-travelling!

Harriet and Milton are off travelling on six different adventures. 

The first takes us back to prehistorical times to see when humans started asking questions that led to science and so much else.

The second takes us to visit the first scientists in Ancient Greece. Want to know more about Socrates, Aristotle and Plato? Let Harriet and Milton introduce you to them!

Book 1

Book 2

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Rocky Road to Galileo
Hunt with Newton

The Curious Team

I had the great pleasure of working on these books with two helpers. Andrew Briggs is a professor at Oxford University looking at the very small things (nano materials). Roger Wager is an artist who paints inspiring pictures, including angels and power stations! As curiosity is such a big subject, we put our heads together to come up with a history of it in six books.

The illustrations in this series were done by Brett Hudson. Our thanks go to him for making such a good job of them! 

“The brilliant and entertaining illustrations in this series enliven a clear and enjoyable text that should stimulate serious thought about the world and our place in it.”

 Lord Rees, Astronomer Royal

Science has the best stories

Where is human curiosity taking us? You can find out some of the directions we are going in if you visit my YouTube channel ‘Science has the best stories’. I’ll be posting interviews with top researchers and artists to find out what tales they have to tell. Here’s a little introduction to what’s in store.

And check out the featured videos below – both in the quantum world which is super strange!

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