Darcie Lock

From: High Commissioner, Nairobi
To: Head of MI6 Special Operations, London
Classification: Top Secret
Priority: Flash telegram

Operation Ringmaster seriously compromised. Agent Michael Lock missing in pursuit of suspect. Lock’s daughter, Darcie, now in danger. Request her immediate evacuation from Kenya.


Darcie’s sheltered expat life among the rich of Nairobi is about to change. Another side of Africa awaits – a world of international smuggling, espionage and corruption.
And that’s where the madness begins…

From: Stingo, SAS Secret training base
I woke to find your face splashed across the front pages & you’re supposed to be in hiding! What the hell are you doing getting mixed up with the US President’s out of control daughter?

From: Darcie Lock, afloat in the Mediterranean
Things are not how the press reported it. Don’t know why I’m here but 1 thing’s certain: my so-called cruise is headed into stormy waters.

Darcie’s stuck aboard a cruise ship for problem rich kids. It sounds exotic but it’s more like boot camp. Things are about to get interesting though… Darcie becomes embroiled in a kidnapping plot that will take her from Naples, via Cyprus, to Egypt and on a terrifying journey through the desert empty quarter.

An adventure-thriller starring Darcie Lock.

What if the right man for the job is actually a girl?

Darcie Lock is facing her toughest mission yet. Forced to take refuge in a castle on the Cornish coast, she lands in the middle of a UN peace conference that is about to spin out of control. When a hostage situation develops, she is one of the two agents left free on the inside – the only problem is that her partner is an old enemy she last met when he tried to kill her.

Being a teenager has never been so dangerous.

What the readers say

'I was in the middle of the Cat Royal series, when my friend let me borrow empty quarter! I fell in love with this book as soon as I read the first couple of pages.'
'These are great 5 stars I mean us girls can't let guys like Alex rider have all the fun'
'I like ringmaster because it’s not all one genre. There’s action, drama, romance –like most teen book have in them. I like the plot as well because a girl called Darcie her dad disappeared then she becomes a spy at a point she gets captured. I also love it because there’s so much to get in and you just have to keep reading to arrive at the end of the chapter.'
'Five stars. I first read Ringmaster then Empty Quater and I couldn't put either book down. My favourite book series hands down. My favourite character is Stingo. In my head I can imagine him as a handsome character and very protective of Darcey. I would love if they made these into movies.'