New editions of Cat Royal books

Some of you have told me that you’ve had difficulty getting the Cat Royal books where you live. I’ve now released updated versions in paperback that should be available worldwide for those that drifted out of print. These are on Amazon so let me know if where you are you can’t get them. The side benefit is that I’ve been able to give Cat’s Cradle a cover that fits better with the original approach so if you’ve been waiting to match the set, go get it! (sorry not in hardback – the CreateSpace system doesn’t let me do that.)

5 thoughts on “New editions of Cat Royal books”

  1. Sorry I would not like to share (it's not my gmail)

    I was really upset when the Cat Royal series ended, but I am glad it actually ended happily. I may sound like I can never have enough, and we all know the effort that it takes to write, edit and publish a book, but..
    Perhaps a small book that isn’t from Cat’s perspective, but goes into everybody’s lives continuing from Cat’s Cradle. Like, a few (or maybe just one) chapter (s) that explains what they’re doing now. For example, did Sid and Bridget work out? Has Billy left Cat alone? What happened to Cat?? I know this is a huge request and would not feel anything if it is not possible, but I would be grateful to hear your thoughts about the actual idea.

    1. Never say never! She’s come to one dead end but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more stories to tell.

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